South Carolina Area Codes, United States

Find the real owner of someone with a 803, 843 and 864 South Carolina area codes

South Carolina

South Carolina was one of the original thirteen colonies that declared independence in 1776. The five million residents of this state typically register phone numbers for personal communications and running businesses. These individuals often receive phone calls from unknown callers. And given the uptick in phone scams, dealing directly with unknown callers is not advisable. Instead, use a reverse phone lookup to find the owner of an unknown number, including their names and contact information, on the South Carolina phone numbers database.

Before this online database, most people would need to consult a printed telephone directory, aka white pages. 

However, the information in these phonebooks is organized geographically by town or neighborhood in a large city. So, suppose the unknown caller was from out-of-town. You would have had to find the white pages for that town, as there was no printed statewide directory. 

Moving the telephone directories online solved this problem. The South Carolina phone number database lets interested persons find information on phone number owners regardless of location. How does this work? 

Take the typical South Carolina phone number, 864-NXX-XXXX, for example. 

864 is the area code; NXX is the prefix code, and XXXX is the line number. The area code only tells you the phone number owner’s general location, i.e., city or county. The prefix code narrows it down further and shows more specific information about the caller’s location and phone type. Finally, the last set of digits, the line number, is unique to a specific owner. So, if a South Carolina phone number were a house address, the line number would be a specific flat number or house number. 

Although South Carolina phone numbers can have the same area code and prefix code, the line number is always unique to a specific person or business. No two persons can have the same line number. However, several persons may have owned the same phone number in the past — this happens when a service provider reassigns the number. Either way, a reverse phone lookup will provide the names and contact information of past and current registered owners of a number. 

CountyFIPS codeCounty seatEstablishedPopulationArea
Abbeville County001Abbeville178524,295511 sq mi
Aiken County003Aiken1871168,8081,080 sq mi
Allendale County005Allendale19198,039413 sq mi
Anderson County007Anderson1826203,718757 sq mi
Bamberg County009Bamberg189713,311395 sq mi
Barnwell County011Barnwell179820,589557 sq mi
Beaufort County013Beaufort1769187,117576 sq mi
Berkeley County015Moncks Corner1882229,8611,228 sq mi
Calhoun County017St. Matthews190814,119392 sq mi
Charleston County019Charleston1769408,2351,358 sq mi
Cherokee County021Gaffney189756,216397 sq mi
Chester County023Chester178532,294586 sq mi
Chesterfield County025Chesterfield179843,273806 sq mi
Clarendon County027Manning185531,144696 sq mi
Colleton County029Walterboro180038,6041,133 sq mi
Darlington County031Darlington178562,905567 sq mi
Dillon County033Dillon191028,292407 sq mi
Dorchester County035St. George1868161,540577 sq mi
Edgefield County037Edgefield178525,657507 sq mi
Fairfield County039Winnsboro1785
20,948710 sq mi
Florence County041Florence1888137,059804 sq mi
Georgetown County043Georgetown1769
63,404813.55 sq mi
Greenville County045Greenville1786525,534795 sq mi
Greenwood County047Greenwood189769,351463 sq mi
Hampton County049Hampton178718,561563 sq mi
Horry County051Conway1801351,0291,255 sq mi
Jasper County053Ridgeland191228,791700 sq mi
Kershaw County055Camden179865,403740 sq mi
Lancaster County057Lancaster179896,016555 sq mi
Laurens County059Laurens178567,539724 sq mi
Lee County061Bishopville190216,531411 sq mi
Lexington County063Lexington1804293,991758 sq mi
Marion County065Marion180029,183494 sq mi
Marlboro County067Bennettsville178526,667485 sq mi
McCormick County069McCormick19149,526394 sq mi
Newberry County071Newberry178537,719647 sq mi
Oconee County073Walhalla186878,607674 sq mi
Orangeburg County075Orangeburg176984,2231,128 sq mi
Pickens County077Pickens1826131,404512 sq mi
Richland County079Columbia1799416,147772 sq mi
Saluda County081Saluda189618,862462 sq mi
Spartanburg County083Spartanburg1785327,997819 sq mi
Sumter County085Sumter1798105,556682 sq mi
Union County087Union179827,244516 sq mi
Williamsburg County089Kingstree180231,026937 sq mi
York County091York1798282,090696 sq mi